The functionality, reliability, accessibility, and security of your corporate data are vital to remaining competitive in today's marketplace. That's why a growing number of customers rely on All-Tech's Information Technology Managed Services.



Network Consulting

When you consider how much your business depends on computers, day-to-day and as computers are increasingly integrated into your operational plans — you can understand how critical it is to properly design, set up, and maintain your computer network. Through our proactive approach to system- and network-related problems, All-Tech will help keep your computer systems up-and-running, efficiently and cost-effectively. As your business needs grow and fluctuate, you can rely on All-Tech to work closely with you and your team to ensure the appropriate IT infrastructure is in place to support those changes.


Computer Technology Consulting

All-Tech Consultants is your link to understanding the rapidly changing technology in business today. As independent consultants, we concentrate on providing solutions, not selling products.


Computer Hardware/ Software Evaluation
and Recommendation

All-Tech Consultants will identify solutions for your specific small business concerns based on your goals and objectives.


Computer Hardware/ Software Maintenance
and Technical Support

All-Tech Consultants will negotiate the most cost-effective computer maintenance and support agreements while you continue to generate revenues. With the advent of the internet, it is now feasible for small businesses to have their IT departments managed remotely. Let us perform a professional evaluation of your IT operations to determine whether you can benefit by outsourcing your IT to our professional staff!


Computer Training

Computer training and help is a primary small business resource where we can be of service. Computer education can be provided on a broad range of topics including your own custom software. We train your employees in their own offices on Windows operations, Microsoft Office applications, contact management software or customer relationship management software and many more.


Customized Software Development

All-Tech Consultants can recommend when and how to invest in customization of computer software that will grow with your business.