A Professional Web Presence

Anyone can build a website - but if it doesn't generate revenue for your business, it's not doing its job.


We begin by learning everything we can about you and your business. We know how important it is to have your website mirror your business image and align with your company's marketing plan. Those are key elements that make a site successful.

s Web Presence is more than just a briefcase of pages
All-Tech's experienced team creates the look and feel you want to project to your customers. Our web designers are pros at making your vision a reality! And the end result is a functional site with all of your daily business routines built into step-by-step applications. From tracking and forecasting to customer orders and invoicing, you'll have all the information you need, when and where you need it.

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arrowWeb Site Development and Implementation
    • All-Tech Consultants will provide the specialized knowledge to create high-traffic Web sites that generate revenue. Effective small business promotion is done with professional web site design. Our web site design is  developed with Internet marketing functionality in mind! If your site does not compete well against other sites in your field, it is not helping you as it should! We utilize search engine optimization techniques that are acceptable to all the major search engines.


    Existing Web Site Audits
        • All-Tech Consultants will review, evaluate and personally discuss recommended improvements to make your Web site a true profit center.


        Incorporation of Professional E-Commerce Strategies
            • All-Tech Consultants uses big business management techniques to address small business management issues.

            • Internet and Email Setup
                    • Access to and through the internet is a necessary tool in any competitive business. We can assist you in choosing the most appropriate and cost-effective technology to link your business to the internet, including dial-up, ISDN, DSL, cable and T-1. We can design an email system with internal and external access, including workgroup designations for ease of information sharing. Based on your company's needs and technology, we can arrange for your email to be hosted on your premises or by an outside internet service provider. In addition, we can create remote accessibility to your programs and data for specific users or all of your employees, whether working from home or mobile.
                    • Other Web Services

                • Here is a sample of the other types of services offered by All-Tech Consulting:

                    • Server setup - get your new shared hosting, VPS, or dedicated server up and running
                    • Site migration - move your site to a new server
                    • Custom coding/custom plugins - have an existing plugin modified to fit your needs, or have me write a plugin from scratch, designed specially for your needs
                    • Media hosting setup - have your site's media files automatically offloaded to a high volume media hosting service to save money and ease your server's burden
                    • Troubleshooting - let us figure out what that cryptic error message is, and (more importantly) let us fix it.